Co-evolutionary Probabilistic Structured Grammatical Evolution


This work proposes an extension to Structured Grammatical Evolution (SGE) called Co-evolutionary Probabilistic Structured Grammatical Evolution (Co-PSGE). In Co-PSGE each individual in the population is composed by a grammar and a genotype, which is a list of dynamic lists, each corresponding to a non-terminal of the grammar containing real numbers that correspond to the probability of choosing a derivation rule. Each individual uses its own grammar to map the genotype into a program. During the evolutionary process, both the grammar and the genotype are subject to variation operators. The performance of the proposed approach is compared to 3 different methods, namely, Grammatical Evolution (GE), Probabilistic Grammatical Evolution (PGE), and SGE on four different benchmark problems. The results show the effectiveness of the approach since Co-PSGE is able to outperform all the methods with statistically significant differences in the majority of the problems.

Jessica Mégane
PhD Student

My research interests include evolutionary computation, neuroevolution, and complex systems.